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Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo this weekend?  I hope so!

It’s a great opportunity to make something NEW for your friends and family.  Here’s a list of recipes that meet that requirement but also won’t keep you in the kitchen for too long.

I hope you find a keeper here.  Enjoy!

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At the very least, you’ve got to make some homemade Salsa!  This is the perfect candidate for a NEW Salsa in your life — combine tomatoes and tomatillos in the same Salsa and you’ll get a deliciously unique flavor.




This Easy Breakfast Burrito would be perfect for Sunday morning!  The Homemade Jalapeno Sauce is a real treat and it has taken up permanent residence in my fridge 🙂


Breakfast burritos next to a dish full of homemade Jalapeno Hot Sauce

This is a cheesy, chipotle-infused concoction that quickly disappears once it’s on the table so be sure to grab a few bites!  I really like the hint of Mexican oregano in this dip but you can consider it optional if you don’t have any.


Serve up this Chipotle and Cheese Bean Dip straight from the oven and you'll make some friends for life! Don't forget to add some salsa or roasted tomatoes, it makes a huge difference. So good! 


Avocado Salsa Verde is a great recipe to have in your arsenal!  These Chicken Tacos take full advantage of that creamy green goodness you see in the pic below.   So good! 


Close up of Chicken Taco drenched in Avocado Salsa Verde, freshly chopped cilantro, and a few drops of hot sauce



This is a fiery soup so consider yourself warned!   I like serving it up with some crispy cheesy mini quesadillas🙂


Bowl of Roasted Jalapeno Soup with cilantro, crema, and hot sauce

You will never go wrong with Queso Dip, and this recipe is the Queso Dipper I rely on the most 🙂


Such an easy Queso recipe! Tons of flavor from the smoky, fiery chipotles but you can always dial back on them for a milder version.



You could easily celebrate Cinco de Mayo by putting some Poblanos in the oven, sitting on the couch, and enjoying the smell coming from the kitchen.  But you can also use them to make some Quick Vegetarian Stuffed Poblanos 🙂


Vegetarian Stuffed Poblano with all the garnishes

This has become one of the most popular recipes on the site!  It’s a great one-pot meal — with minimal effort you get a savory meal that really hits the spot.  And yes, the rice is dee-licious. 


Arroz con Pollo after cooking


Ground Beef Tostadas are willing to provide you loads of quick meals!  I like topping them with a Homemade Salsa, and you can consider the rest of the fixings negotiable. 


Holding Ground Beef Tostada



These Tostadas take full advantage of that unique Chile Verde flavor — make a big batch and you’ll be munching on these all week long.  You can also make your own Tostada shells by plopping some oil-rubbed tortillas in the oven for a bit.


Final tostada with chicken chile verde, queso fresco, beans, cilantro, lime

Got a big group to feed?  As written this recipe will make Guac and Salsa for 10-20 people — and they will love you for not serving them store-bought Salsa 🙂


Need some munchers for a crew?  Here's the tastiest way to make your own Salsa and Guacamole for 10-20 people. 


Freshly made Pico de Gallo works wonders in burritos!  It’s one of my secret weapons and this simple Chicken Burrito has become a regular part of my weeknight meal routine.  


cutting burrito in half after cooking in skillet for five minutes


This is a great recipe for a soul-warming batch of Mexican Bean Soup.  As you might have guessed, I really like dipping crispy cheesy tortillas in this soup 🙂


This is a trusty Mexican Bean Soup recipe that you can use with any type of bean -- but please try to make it with some stock that you trust as it makes a huge difference! I used homemade vegetable stock but chicken stock is an equally good choice.



Fast, easy, and delicious…how can you beat that?  Salsa de Aguacate is super easy to make and it will quickly turn your tacos into a masterpiece — I used chicken for this batch but feel free to sub your preferred protein source.


Chicken Tostadas after being topped with cheese and Salsa de Aguacate



Okay, got some NEW ideas for Cinco de Mayo?!


I hope one of these recipes brings some good eats to your home this weekend.




Still hungry?!

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