4 Most Famous Restaurants That You Must Definitely Try When Coming To Thailand

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These restaurants are very famous for all typical Thai dishes, so if you stop by, you won’t regret the taste.

4 Famous Restaurants In Thailand

1. Soei (ร้านเส่ย)

Soei is among the top restaurants in Bangkok, known for its bold and flavorful dishes that cater to those with a taste for rich flavors. One unique aspect of Soei is that it has only one chef, P’Soei, who oversees the cooking process from start to finish. This ensures that the flavors of the dishes remain consistent and never disappoint.

Soei Bangkok

However, the downside of having just one chef is that during weekends or holidays, the waiting time for food can be as long as 2-3 hours due to the high number of guests and the limited cooking staff.

Despite the wait, dining at Soei offers a chance to savor a variety of dishes like Kaem Pla Too Tod (crispy fried Indian mackerel cheeks with garlic and salt), Goong Chae Nam Pla (shrimp dish with lemon juice, wasabi, chili and garlic), Yam Woon Sen (stir-fried vermicelli with vegetables and meat), Pla Goong Pao (shrimp salad mixed with chili, garlic and herbs) and many more.

See full Soei menu.

Recommended dishes: Kaem Pla Too Tod, Miang Pla Too

Opening days: Monday – Sunday (Close on Saturday)

Opening hours: 10.30 am – 9.30 pm (10:30 – 21:30)

Address: 35 Soi Phibun Wattana Building, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400, Thailand (Open Map)

2. Ran Gaeng Pa Sriyan (แกงป่า ศรีย่าน)

Ran Gaeng Pa Sriyan is a restaurant that serves many delicious dishes from all over Thailand. Some of the dishes here come from the North and have lots of chili and herbs. The best specialty here is Thai curry, which has many different types of meat, but the most unique is still the very sweet frog meat curry.

Ran Gaeng Pa Sriyan dish

Another delicious dish is stir-fried snails with lots of chilies, lime leaves, green pepper, and garlic. In addition, when you come here, you can enjoy stir-fried minced quail or stir-fried shrimp with Sataw beans that have a pungent taste that is a bit hard to smell… In particular, the dessert here is cool durian ice cream that will definitely satisfy many visitors, especially on a hot day.

See full Ran Gaeng Pa Sriyan menu.

Recommended dishes: Kaeng Pa, Fried Fish Cake.

Opening days: Monday – Saturday

Opening hours: 9.30 am – 8.30 pm (9:30 – 20:30) 

Address: 954/2 Thanon Nakhon Chaisi Rd, Thanon Nakhon Chai Si, Dusit District, Bangkok 10300, Thailand (Open Map)

3. Heng Chun Seng (เฮ้งชุนเส็ง สุนทรโกษา)

If you love beef, Heng Chun Seng is one of the best eateries in Bangkok. When entering the restaurant, you are guaranteed to be immediately impressed with the pan full of beef right at the cooking counter and the fragrant smell of beef. 

Heng Chun Seng hot pot

The most impressive dish here is the Beef Hot Pot with lots of beef, beef balls, and vegetables. In addition, the restaurant also has additional dishes, such as satay grilled meat skewers dipped in a plate of spicy sauce made from fish sauce, vinegar, and chili, which looks extremely attractive.

See full Heng Chun Seng menu.

Recommended dishes: Beef Hot Pot, Soup With Meat

Opening days: Monday – Sunday

Opening hours: 7.00 am – 8.30 pm (08:00 – 20:30)

Address: 133 Sunthonkosa Rd, Khwaeng Khlong Toei, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand (Open Map)

4. Thipsamai (ทิพย์สมัย)

Pad Thai Thip Samai, also known as Ghost Gate Pad Thai, is one of the most famous names for Pad Thai in Bangkok. The reason it has such a special name is because this restaurant specializes in serving customers late at night until dawn. If you come to the restaurant at night, you can see a lot of customers, from locals to foreign tourists, visiting the restaurant to enjoy the food.


It has common ingredients such as tofu, baby shrimp, garlic, and bean sprouts, but the Pad Thai here is made according to a special recipe, so it tastes much better. It is even considered a place to sell the best Pad Thai in Bangkok. One of the most famous Pad Thai dishes here is Pad Thai Haw Kai Goong Sot. Pad Thai is stir-fried with shrimp and wrapped in a thin layer of golden egg. In addition, there is also a fried egg noodle dish that is equally attractive and delicious.

See full Thipsamai menu.

Recommended dishes: Pad Thai With Shrimp Oil And Egg, Pad Thai Haw Kai Goong Sot.


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