Why Aren’t All My Grill Burners Lighting: Troubleshooting Guide

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The Air and Gas Mix May be Off

If your grill lights but the flame remains so low you may not even notice it, the problem likely lies with an incorrect air-to-gas ratio. This results in a weak flame that’s insufficient for proper grilling.

To fix this, adjust the air shutters on the burners to achieve the right mix of air and gas.

To do this, first, make sure that the grill is turned off and cool. Disconnect the gas supply to eliminate any risk of ignition while you’re making adjustments.

The air shutters are typically found at the base of each burner. They look like metal plates or rings with one or more screws holding them in place. These shutters control the amount of air mixing with the gas before it ignites.

Loosen the screw(s) slightly (you don’t need to remove them completely) to adjust the shutters. They should be able to move freely for adjustment but stay in place when not being touched.

Adjust the shutter to open (to increase air) or close (to decrease air). Light the grill and observe the flame color. A proper air-to-gas mix produces a blue flame with yellow tips. If the flame is mostly yellow or orange, there’s too much air, and if it’s a weak blue flame, there’s not enough air.

Continue adjusting until you achieve a strong, blue flame with minimal yellow tipping.

For more troubleshooting tips for achieving a healthy flame on a gas grill, see our guide: Gas Grill Has Yellow Flame? Here’s How to Fix It


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