Versatile and Affordable: Country-Style Pork Ribs for the Win

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Here are a few of our favorite ways to cook a meal to please any pork lover:

*Smoke-roast the meat as you would baby backs or spare ribs, following your favorite recipe. One of ours is the almost fail-proof First Timer’s Ribs, which first appeared in Steven’s popular book, Best Ribs Ever

*Slice the ribs into cubes, marinate, if desired, and thread onto metal or bamboo skewers for kebabs. (Grill directly, or for more tender meat, indirectly.) Skewers of fruit or vegetables make a great accompaniment.

*Shred barbecued pork, preferably seasoned with your favorite rub or marinade, to make tacos, quesadillas, carnitas, or burritos.

*When the meat is nearly cooked, brush on an Asian-inspired barbecue sauce. (Asian sauces often contain sugar, so will need only a few minutes to “set” on the meat. Do not allow them to scorch.)

*Use country-style pork cubes instead of pork belly to make inexpensive burnt ends.

Old Arthur Pork Belly Burnt Ends

*Make a meaty pot of our Barbecue University Chili Verde.

*Take country-style pork ribs in a Mediterranean direction with this recipe: Country-Style Ribs with Oregano and Mint.

*This recipe combines juicy grilled country-style pork ribs with a zesty Chilean pepper sauce called père.

TIP: Country-style ribs are usually sold next to the pork chops in the supermarket meat department.

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