Ultimate Guide to Thai Mortar and Pestle

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If you’ve seen more than a few Hot Thai Kitchen videos, you have probably noticed that I use a mortar and pestle A LOT. This is a tool that many cultures use around the world, but for Thai people it is a core part of our kitchens.

Every Thai kitchen has one, and in this post I want to share with you what we use it for, because I think once you realize how useful it is, you’re gonna wanna join the club. I’ll also address some FAQs about these including how to choose the right M&P for you, how to use it properly, and how to clean and care for it.

Note: In this post I’m specifically addressing Thai style mortar and pestles, not molcajetes, cobeks, or any other kinds.

All my mortar and pestle babies. Believe it or not I own another small one; a total of 6 sets!

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