The Science of Freezing Tofu (And 4 Ways To Cook It)

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The other day I told my husband to put away the groceries and freeze all the protein…by which I meant all the meat. Next thing I know I opened the freezer and there was my tube of soft tofu looking…completely bizarre.

After taking a deep breath and reminding myself that tofu is technically protein, I decided to cook the frozen tofu and then post it on Instagram and YT Shorts where it went viral on BOTH platforms. To my surprise people are very interested in the concept of freezing tofu! And it absolutely IS a fascinating process, so I want to explore freezing tofu further. 

So for our exploration I froze 2 types of tofu – silken and firm – so you can see the two extremes; and you’ll also see WHY you might want to freeze tofu on purpose, what happens to them when you do, and how to use the results in your cooking.


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