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If you follow along on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, you likely already knew this news was coming. If you don’t, I’d like to apologize that, somehow, the past 9 months just got away from me.

Somehow I never quite found the time to mention on the blog that we had a very important new addition arriving. Sorry about that! Today I’d I’d like you to meet someone very special:

I’d like to introduce Ella Grace Merritt 💕

My third child (and first girl!), arrived on June 13th. She’s the perfect, sweetest new addition to our family and we truly couldn’t be happier.

While we’re not even a full month in yet, so far it’s proven true what everyone’s told me and baby #3 has been the easiest. We’re all sleeping better than I could’ve hoped, she’s fit perfectly into the family, and I’m feeling great.

Her brothers are obsessed; Luke wants to hold her all the time and Rhett is always saying “I love the baby sister!!”. Luke is disappointed that we didn’t name her his suggested name (“Name her ‘Heart’, because I love her”) but he is dealing with it well 🥹.

My heart is just so full.

Ella being held/watched by her two brothers

Recipes and videos will continue pretty much as normal as I did what I could to plan ahead for a mini maternity leave. I have already found my way back into the kitchen (with the help of my sister) and have been dabbling with some new recipes, but quite casually.

The boys and I have also been enjoying this time “off” baking together just for fun, making lots of baked goods like sourdough brownies and chocolate granola (in which they mostly just eat the raw ingredients).

Luke and Rhett making granola in the kitchen

A Few of my Favorite Baby Things

This time around I had a better idea of things that I do and don’t need for a newborn. I wanted to share a few of my favorites for anyone who might also be due sometime soon.

  • This baby carrier. I’ve tried a lot of carriers, including wraps in the past. I discovered this one after I had Rhett and fell in love. It’s so much easier than a classic wrap and he basically lived in this thing for his first year. I had a heavier cotton one for Rhett, but since Ella is a summer baby and I like walking outside with her, I went with this lighter version. This is my favorite baby item, it’s so nice to tuck her into it and carry her with me but still have my hands free!
  • Burp cloths. I like these muslin ones and these Burt’s Bees ones. I keep a lot on hand because we go through so many every day. So. Many.
  • Stanley tumbler. OK, I never understood the hype with these but Zach packed one in my hospital bag and I get it now. Holds so much icy cold water (which I needed during delivery and the hospital stay and now with nursing) and keeps it cold. It’s been my constant companion.
  • Baby seat. I have a few of these strategically placed around the house (like in the bathroom!). Sometimes you just need to be able to set baby down, so having a few places where I can easily, safely set her down to have my hands free for a second has been great. Worth noting, these aren’t for sleep.
  • Knotted gowns. So easy for nighttime diaper changes. Ella sleeps in a onesie (I love the Honest brand onesies) and knotted gown every night.
  • This little light. Perfect for nighttime feedings. There’s no fumbling for switches, just flip it over and it turns on, flip it again and it turns off.
Baby girl sleeping in moses basket

This time around has so far been the smoothest adjustment and I’m hoping it stays that way. I’ll be fully back into the swing of things soon, but right now I’m just soaking up all the newborn snuggles that I can.

Thanks for letting me share our sweet new addition with you, and stay tuned for more new recipes coming soon. 💕


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