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Nestled in the bustling streets of Geylang, Ducking Good (好吃鸭) emerges as a new one-stop haven for duck enthusiasts. With an impressive menu offering no less than ten inventive ways to enjoy duck, this duck specialist restaurant promises a ducking good time through the rich and diverse world of duck cuisine. From roasted to braised, salted to spiced, every dish is thoughtfully paired with complementary sides to elevate the dining experience.


Don’t miss out on their opening promotion, which is a steal. Enjoy 50% OFF SIGNATURE DUCK DISHES on rotation weekly for dine-in only. Limited to one redemption per table per bill.

Enjoy 50% OFF SIGNATURE DUCK DISHES on rotation weekly for dine-in only. Limited to one redemption per table per bill.

4 May – 10 May
– Signature Salted Duck (Whole – U.P. $69++)

11 May – 17 May
– Triple Ducking Platter (U.P. $49++) comprising Herbal Roast Duck, Signature Braised Duck and Signature Salted 

18 May – 24 May
– Herbal Roast Duck (Whole – U.P. $69++)

25 May – 31 May
– Signature Braised Duck (Whole – U.P. $69++)


Shi Quan Tonic Duck Soup 4/5

Our dinner began with the Shi Quan Tonic Duck Soup ($13.90), a nourishing double-boiled broth enriched with a medley of herbs. The soup boasts a rich, earthy flavour profile with a touch of sweetness and a hint of bitterness, creating a complex and layered taste. This soothing yet invigorating soup delights the palate and offers health benefits such as strengthening the body and boosting the immune system.


Double Ducking Platter (Herbal Roast & Braised) 3/5

Next, we indulged in the Double Ducking Platter ($39), featuring both Herbal Roasted Duck and Braised Duck. While both preparations were commendable, the herbal roasted duck stood out with its distinct and fragrant flavour. However, it is worth noting that the textures of both types of duck were slightly on the dry side.


Crispy Spiced Confit Duck Leg 4.2/5

Our undisputed evening favourite was the Crispy Spiced Confit Duck Leg ($13.90). This modern take on duck confit, dusted with a fragrant, spicy cumin mix, delivered a delightful crunch on the exterior while maintaining moist, tender meat. It’s a must-try dish that exemplifies Ducking Good’s innovative approach.


Braised Duck Claypot Porridge 3.5/5

The Braised Duck Claypot Porridge ($9.90) is a perfect choice for those seeking comfort food. The smooth and creamy porridge, enriched with duck gravy, provides a hearty meal on its own. However, we found the portion of duck meat to be somewhat scant.


Chilled Cucumber 4/5

The Chilled Cucumber ($3.90) stood out as a refreshing accompaniment among the side dishes. Crunchy cucumber slices tossed in fragrant chilli oil offered a pleasant contrast to the more decadent duck dishes.


Thai Sweet Chilli Tofu 3/5

Unfortunately, the Thai Sweet Chilli Tofu ($9.90) did not leave a lasting impression. While it was competently prepared, it lacked the distinctive flair that characterised the other dishes we sampled.


In summary, Ducking Good in Geylang successfully combines various duck preparations that showcase traditional and modern culinary techniques. With standout dishes like the Shi Quan Tonic Duck Soup and Crispy Spiced Confit Duck Leg, this new duck specialist is poised to become a favourite among duck aficionados. Whether you’re looking for a nourishing bowl of soup or an inventive take on duck confit, Ducking Good offers a delightful dining experience worth exploring.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Ducking Good (好吃鸭)
487 Geylang Road
Singapore 389446
Tel: +65 8814 8366
Nearest MRT: Aljunied (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 10am – 10pm
(Closed on Sun)

1) Alight at Aljunied MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk straight to the traffic light at Sims Avenue. Cross the road and walk down Geylang Lorong 25A. Turn left onto Geyland Road and walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]


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