Restaurant Style Fajitas (Authentic Mexican Recipe)

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Very few plates at a Mexican restaurant grab your attention like a plate of sizzling fajitas. First you hear it, then you smell it…then you wish you ordered that platón instead of the chicken enchiladas.

In this video we’re cooking up Restaurant Style Fajitas. I decided to grab some outside skirts for maximum tenderness, but beware when shopping for them. This particular cut goes fast in stores as restaurants demand such large quantities of it. Either side of skirt will have you eating good either way.

And here is the weekly Pro Tip: Don’t over cook them! Common sense, I know, but you would be surprised how easy these can get away from you. Both the scorching plancha and the sizzling platter can keep the fajitas cooking even more and dry out what would otherwise be delicious and tender meat. Shoot for a medium or even medium-rare before you plate it on skillet to serve.

I always say that BBQ is simple, and although we aren’t on a live fire today the principles still apply. A scorching hot heat source, a great cut of beef and a little technique is all it takes for a dinner that will blow away any one who is lucky enough to chow down.

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