How to Make Perfect Fried Garlic & Garlic Oil

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The garlic is golden but not crispy.

This is also from heat being too high. You took it out at the right beautiful colour, but the garlic got to that colour too quickly and not enough moisture had evaporated.

Crispiness comes from lack of moisture, if something is moist, it will not be crispy. The frying removes moisture, so you need to give it enough time for most of the moisture to evaporate. This is another reason to keep the heat low.

A sign that the garlic is crispy is that the bubbling has slowed down significantly because bubbling occurs from the water evaporating out of the oil. When the bubbling is weak or has stopped completely, the garlic has lost enough moisture to be crispy.

Cutting garlic too big will also cause this problem because there is simply too much moisture so the garlic cannot possibly lose it all before it turns golden. Keeping the pieces small enough is important!


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