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Learn how to make chicken cutlets out of chicken breasts, so you can make all of your favorite chicken cutlet recipes for dinner. Chicken Cutles are a favorite recipe at my house with my two young boys. They’re always a hit, and something I can easily customize to make different each time or use for meal prep. This simple technique gives you thin pieces of chicken that cook fast and taste great!

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Chicken Breast Cutlets Master Recipe

Chicken cutlets are the best option for easy weeknight dinners. They are thinner than breasts, which makes them quicker to cook. That means they stay moist and tender, no matter how you cook them!

I find that they are particularly great for searing, frying, or breading, because it’s easier to get them nice and crispy without drying out. Plus, they make a good portion size for the whole family! When I can’t get my kids to eat anything, these chicken cutlets are consistently a big hit.

You can typically buy them at the store already cut, but if they’re out or you just don’t have them, don’t worry. I’m going to show you how to make chicken cutlets from chicken breasts. It’s super quick and easy to do yourself!

What are chicken cutlets?

Chicken cutlets are just thinner, flatter pieces of chicken breast. One breast is cut in half horizontally to create two cutlets. The meat is often pounded after being cut to make it even thinner and more even.

This is different than a chicken tenderloin/tender, which is a different cut that’s often sold separately from the breast altogether.

Cutting your own cutlets is an easy way to create more portions for your meals with less chicken, which is especially helpful if you have little ones eating with you.

But more importantly, because cutlets are thinner, they cook faster and more evenly than breasts. This becomes extra useful when you’re making one-pot recipes, sheet pan meals, or any quick-cooking recipes. I love a quick dinner!

What You’ll Need

  • Chicken Breast: start with skinless, boneless chicken breast. 
  • Knife: Use a sharp, sturdy knife. A Chef’s knife works great!
  • Cutting Board: Use a large cutting board that won’t slide around.
  • Mallet: To finish thinning and flattening out the cutlets, you’ll need a meat mallet or tenderizer.

Get ready to turn one chicken breast into two cutlets, and you’ll have dinner for two in no time! Or turn two into four so you can feed the whole family. It’s economical and makes great portion sizes.

breaded chicken breast cutlets.

Step by Step Instructions

The process of cutting chicken cutlets is similar to butterflying chicken breast. Step by step, it’s almost the same, except for one main difference: we’re cutting the chicken fully in half, to create two separate pieces.

  1. Place the chicken breast on a cutting board, with the thicker side at the top (furthest from you). For food safety, I recommend using a non-porous board, or wrap it in plastic wrap.
  2. Place your hand firmly on top of the chicken, on the opposite side of where you’re cutting. Instead of gripping the chicken, position your fingers upwards, away from the breast, with your palm in place.
  3. Position your knife in the middle of the breast, horizontally, towards the top (thicker side). The knife should be parallel to the board, so you will be cutting inwards.
  4. Cut into the chicken lengthwise. As you move inward from the thickest section, begin to position your knife slightly downwards. This will help to create two evenly-sized pieces. Cut all the way through.
  5. To finish the cutlets, you’ll likely want to pound them to flatten them out to a more even thickness.
  6. Place it between two pieces of plastic wrap, and use a mallet or meat tenderizer to pound it out until it’s even.

Recipe Tips and Notes

  • I always use a sharp, sturdy, good-quality knife. I recommend using a Chef’s knife.
  • To make your own chicken cutlets, you’ll need to start with boneless chicken breast, not a whole breast (otherwise you’ll need to remove the bone and separate into halves first).
  • I cut these ahead of time and keep them in the fridge or freezer until ready to cook. Just properly seal if freezing.
  • There are so many great recipes you can make with chicken cutlets (check below for some ideas), but however you cook it, be sure it reaches an internal temp of 165F before consuming.

Now that you know how to cut chicken cutlets from chicken breast at home, you can have perfectly sliced, thin pieces that cook up beautifully for dinner. Check this list for some easy chicken cutlet recipes for some quick dinner ideas.

Easy Chicken Cutlet Recipes!

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