How to Adjust a Grill Air Shutter on Your Gas Burners

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How to Adjust Your Gas Grill’s Air Shutters

Air Shutter Adjustment Method 1 | Air Shutter Adjustment Method 2

The air shutters on most gas grills can be adjusted. However, on certain models, the factory sets the air shutters in place and they cannot be adjusted.

Air shutter adjustment can also vary based on the manufacturer of your grill. Before you start tweaking or replacing the air shutters, it’s important to refer to the owner’s manual of your grill for precise instructions tailored to your model.

To adjust the air shutters, you might find a sliding metal piece at the end of the venturi tube on each burner, allowing you to open and close the airflow. Alternatively, some grills feature air shutters with hinges resembling screws for adjusting air intake, while others may have a straightforward screw for opening or closing the shutters.

No matter the type of grill, the adjustment component for the air shutters is usually situated inside the firebox, near the end of each burner, and behind the control panel of the gas grill.

As mentioned previously, consulting the owner’s manual is the best starting point to locate and adjust the air shutters on your grill accurately. This ensures quick and easy access to the air shutters for adjustment.

Below are the general instructions for modifying the air-to-gas ratio via the air shutters on the main burners of your gas grill. The method you’ll use depends on how the air shutters are positioned and designed for your specific grill model.

  • If the air shutter adjustment mechanisms are accessible with the grill turned on, use the first method provided below to make your adjustments.

If you can’t easily access the air shutter mechanisms, you’ll need to follow a different procedure, as outlined in the second method below.


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