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I have been blogging since 2010 and have amassed well over a thousand recipes on Drizzleanddip.com. Many of these are dessert and baking recipes. I am a total chocoholic so wanted to round up a few of my all-time favourites.

All these recipes are either ones that I do or want to make again. They are solid, well tested and delicious. They celebrate chocolate in all its glory.

The best chocolate malva pudding

I’m obsessed with this recipe which to me turned out better than malva pudding (the classic South African confection) as it is less cloying. It’s still incredibly indulgent and I have used butter, cream and a good quality 70% chocolate in the sauce. The sauce on its own would make the perfect stand-alone chocolate sauce for vanilla ice cream. You could add a splash of something boozy to take it to another level.

Chocolate nemesis from The River Cafe

This iconic cake has to be one of the best chocolate desserts ever created. I guess that’s why The Rover Cafe in London called it the nemesis. It’s almost like a baked chocolate mousse and is a total crowd-pleaser. It is a little technical but I have broken it all down in great detail in the recipe.

I NEED to make this again to update the pics.

Chocolate Nemesis recipe from the River Cafe in London

The Best Chocolate Cake by Ina Garten

If you search the internet for the best chocolate cake, Ina’s recipe will often pop up. I made it and can concur it’s one of the best. It has a very strong structure so it’s a good one that will maintain its shape. I will probably keep trying more recipes because you can’t get enough chocolate cake.

You can check out my easy childhood wonder cake which is an easy and affordable recipe that hits the button. The origins of the cake are unknown and perhaps come from a very old Hershey’s cocoa box, but people have said the recipe is the same as their grandmother’s.

If you are looking for a very dense and more brownie-like chocolate cake, this ultimate chocolate cake recipe from BBC Food is pretty incredible too. It has a delicious ganache frosting.

Maybe the best chocolate cake recipe in the world by Ina Garten

The best chocolate Nutella brownies

This is my favourite brownie recipe and in this rendition, I covered them in Nutella. I don’t love Nutella and find that it is way too rich for me these days so if I make them now I just leave off the topping. These brownies are amazing as is. I love to add hazelnuts but you could leave them out if you prefer or switch them out for walnuts.

Chocolate and hazelnut brownies with Nutella ganache

Chocolate espresso cheesecake

This is a delicious no-bae chocolate cheesecake recipe that I love.

chocolate espresso cheesecake cut

Rum & raisin chocolate truffles (the best ever)

These are decadent ganache-based chocolate truffles with raisins that have been soaked in rum for a few days. Just perfection.

Rum & raisin chocolate truffles recipe

The best shortbread biscuit balls with chocolate middles

These delicious, scrumptious, and highly addictive little shortbread biscuit balls with chocolate in the middle are one of my favourite biscuit recipes. They are such a hit with everyone.

shortbread biscuit balls with chocolate

Double chocolate chip skillet cookie

I love this easy giant cookie made in a skillet. A drizzle of salted caramel takes it to another level. Top with pistachio ice cream and scoop away.

Double chocolate chip skillet cookie

Churros with chocolate espresso sauce

These churros with chocolate and espresso sauce are a crowd-pleasing favourite. The coffee amps up the flavour of the chocolate sauce but you can leave it out if you prefer.

churros with espresso chocolate sauce

Chocolate marshmallow sweetie pies

Chocolate marshmallow sweetie pies are an iconic South African sweet treat and the stuff that confectionary dreams are made of. Snappy chocolate domes smother pillowy marshmallows nestled on a biscuit base, they conjure up so many childhood memories.

Chocolate marshmallow sweetie pies, a South African classic recipe

Decadent chocolate and pine nut tart

This decadent and utterly delicious chocolate tart is the only one you will ever need. I’ve added pine nuts to break the intense chocolate and add delicious nutty flavour and texture. Make this on an occasion you want to impress. Its a frangipane ganache filling nad so delicious. You can skip the expensive pine nuts or add another nut.

Decadent chocolate & pine nut tart

Chunky New York chocolate chip cookies with Easter eggs

These chunky chocolate chip cookies made in a New York bakery style are so delicious. Add chocolate mini easter eggs or chopped-up slabs of chocolate.

Chocolate &pear frangipane tart

Chocolate and pears are a perfect pairing and this chocolate frangipane with a chocolate biscuit base is so delicious.

chocolate and pear frangipane tart

Cheesecake brownies with chocolate romany creams

In this recipe; brownie batter, cheesecake and chocolate Romany Cream biscuits all jump into a baking tin together and turn into one of the most delectable desserts I may have ever made. It sounds a little complicated, but it’s so easy to make. The cheesecake offsets the sweetness providing a lovely contrast to the rich chocolate. Swirled on top of the brownie, these cheesecake brownie Romany Cream bars are my new favourite thing.

Cheesecake brownie bars with chocolate Romany Creams

45-second chocolate pudding with salted caramel

If you need a chocolate dessert in a hurry, this easy mug cake hits all the spots with mostly store cupboard ingredients. You can leave out the salted caramel filling or add a block of chocolate or a Lindt Lindor ball. Thank me later.

45 second chocolate pudding with salted caramel


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