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It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday so I thought I’d put together a few recipes and menu ideas for a brunch. I love the idea of a brunch because it kills two birds with one stone and gets the whole affair over a little earlier. This is the perfect occasion to prepare a few family-style dishes and serve them casually. Things can be more indulgent and easy with mimosas and bubbly being poured before midday. Here are a few ideas.

Mother’s Day Brunch menu:

What you need to create a good brunch menu:

A good brunch needs something fruity, light or salady to start. Some sort of egg main dish (this could be a quiche or tart)and then at least one sweet thing. I love to add good bread and a baked item to the mix too such as cake.

Cheese and charcuterie do not go amiss either. Aside from any of the warm dishes, most can be made in advance and served buffet style.

Since brunch is so close to lunch, seafood dishes and smoked salmon are also very nice.

To start:

Bacon & egg salad with blue cheese

Bacon & egg salad with blue cheese recipe

Melon, mozzarella & parma ham salad with a honey & mustard vinaigrette

Melon, mozzarella & parma ham salad with a honey & mustard vinaigrette

Pineapple carpaccio with a ginger, mint, lime and chilli dressing

Pear, blue cheese and walnut salad with maple vinaigrette

A classic pear, blue cheese & walnut salad with maple vinaigrette on a serving plate

Roasted peppers stuffed with tomatoes and garlic

Roasted red peppers stuffed with tomatoes, garlic

The best BLT pasta salad recipe & Green goddess BLT pasta salad.

The best BLT pasta salad

Egg-centric main dishes:

Menemen (Turkish scrambled eggs with tomatoes & peppers) is my favourite scrambled egg recipe of all time and is perfect to feed a crowd. I even made a video to show you how.

Smoked salmon omelette with chive crème fraiche.  This is my favourite fancy pants omelette recipe that will definitely impress.

Omelette with smoked salmon and chive crème fraiche recipe

Shakshuka. Is a classic and comforting brunch recipe that can be made in advance and the eggs added on the day. This recipe has been adapted from Ottolenghi.

Croque madame with spinach & smoked salmon. A twist on this bistro classic.

croque madame with spinach and salmon

Eggs poached in red wine sauce. This recipe for Ouefs en Meurette involves a little effort but it takes poached eggs to the highest level.

The most delicious cheese & onion quiche. This is my favourite quiche and is deliciously old-school. It’s also a fab item to make in advance if you don’t feel like cooking something on the day. 

The most delicious cheese & onion quiche recipe

Huevos rancheros with chipotle. My favourite breakfast with Mexican flavours and easy to DIY.

Eggs benedict on roasted brown mushrooms. Eggs Benny is always a winner and this is a low-carb rendition.

eggs benedict on roasted brown mushrooms spinach and prosciutto

Egg & bacon in bread baskets

French toast with miso & Parmesan

To see all my favourite breakfast recipes, click here.

To see all my favourite egg recipes click here. 

Eggs in puttanesca sauce (purgatory-style)

Toast dipped into soft egg yolks cooked in puttanesca sauce

Something cheesy:

Roast fig tartines with blue cheese, prosciutto & honey

Roast fig tartines with blue cheese & honey recipe

Zesty spinach & feta pies

Perfect spinach and three-cheese phyllo pie

Spinach and 3 cheese phyllo pie recipe (Spanakopita)

The best French onion grilled cheese sandwich

The best French onion grilled cheese sandwich in a frying pan

Giant grilled cheese with hot honey butter

Giant grilled cheese with hot honey butter sliced on a board

A sweet ending:

Dutch baby pancake with blueberry & lemon. This is a delectable and crowd-pleasing sweet breakfast treat and perfect to feed a few people.

Dutch baby pancake with caramelised pink lady apples & cinnamon

Dutch baby pancake with caramelised Pink Lady® apples & cinnamon recipe

Blueberry pancakes with ricotta and orange

Guavas poached in chamomile syrup with vanilla & cinnamon

Mango, passionfruit & yoghurt brulee

mango and passionfruit yoghurt brûlée

Baked things:

Orange and pecan muffins. This is my favourite muffin recipe of all time. It’s also the easiest.

Possibly the best banana bread ever

The best banana bread with pecans & raisins

slices of the best Banana bread with pecans and raisins on a board with butter

Apple cake with maple & cream cheese frosting

The best tomato galette

Tomato galette recipe with ricotta and Parmesan

Olive oil chiffon cake. This is the perfect not-too-sweet cake to serve at a brunch. It’s delicious with ricotta cheese, fresh fruit & honey.

Butternut scones with cheese & herbs

My perfect cheese scones

A recipe to make perfech cheese scones that are light and fluffy

Lemon & poppyseed madeleines with a lemon glaze

Poached quince tarte tatin

poached quince tart tartin

Pear & halva crumble loaf with pecans, honey & maple. This is probably my favourite sweet quick bread loaf recipe of all time. 

Pear and halva crumble loaf with pecans, honey & maple - adapted from Donna Hay


Easy cheese & onion bread with herbs

Easy no-knead focaccia

Cut up pieces of easy no-knead focaccia bread

Easy Cape seed loaf

Cheesy brioche rolls


For any special brunch occasion, bubbly is mandatory. Otherwise, choose a few of these cocktails. Simply take out the booze to make them mocktails. Fresh fruit juices or juice blends are another great idea and serve them in a jug.

Pomegranate lemonade

pomegranate lemonade

Melon cocktail with strawberry & basil

Mixed berry margarita with jalapeno

Berry smoothie with banana & almond butter

Green juice with apple, cucumber, mint & ginger

green juice with cucumber, celery, mint & ginger


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