Burritos for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner: 11 Easy Burrito Recipes

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I get so much mileage from Burritos!

Fast, delicious, and easy on the wallet.  Tough to beat that eh?

The key is to load them up with either a freshly made Pico de Gallo or a homemade Salsa.  That’s what makes them taste so fresh and vibrant, so please don’t skip that step!

So if burritos aren’t a regular part of your kitchen routine, here are 11 great Burrito Recipes to choose from.  Pick the one that sounds best to you and try it out!

Click the recipe name and it will take you to a page on this site where you can print out or take a pic of the free instructions. 

This was one of my favorite meals while in Cozumel, I was so proud of it 🙂  The Avocado Salsa Verde is exploding with flavor and it will instantly turn any burrito into a masterpiece.  I typically use chicken for this combo, but feel free to sub out your preferred protein.




This is one of my favorites on the list!   Pico de Gallo works great when paired with eggs and potatoes — add in some beans and breakfast is served.  Or dinner 🙂  I come back to this one on a regular basis, it’s perfect for lazy weekend mornings. 


Cutting freshly cooked breakfast burrito in half



Pairing chipotle-infused ground beef with some freshly chopped Pico de Gallo is the key to these Easy Ground Beef Burritos!  It’s a great combo and you won’t need much else to make your burritos ultra-satisfying. 




If you make a big batch of  Chicken Chile Verde you’ll be able to munch on these burritos all week long.  Yum!  P.S. Chicken Chile Verde is super easy to make if you’re new to it. 


Make a big batch of Chicken Chile Verde and you can munch on these burritos all week long! I crisped up these burritos in some bacon drippings and they were off the charts!



Skirt steak is a great option if you want to whip up a quick batch of Carne Asada.  Combine it with some Tomatillo Chipotle Salsa and you’ve got the ideal elements for a delicious, satisfying burrito. 


Tomatillo Chipotle Salsa gives these Carne Asada Burritos some real flavor! I also used Cilantro Lime Rice for this batch -- so good! mexicanplease.com


I just posted this Chicken Burrito with Pico de Gallo.  It’s the world’s easiest recipe, but somehow I keep coming back to it again and again 🙂  Please give it a go!


cutting burrito in half after cooking in skillet for five minutes



Make a big batch of these Spicy Bean and Egg Burritos and you’ll get some free meals over the next few weeks!   This recipe yields 8 burritos and they freeze quite well. 


8 bean and egg burritos



These Breakfast Burritos rely on some Homemade Jalapeno Sauce for flava.  The Jalapeno Hot Sauce is one of the most popular recipes on the site, and it’s a great way to bring some real zing to your kitchen 🙂


Serving up the breakfast burritos next to a ramekin of Jalapeno Hot Sauce



Here’s another fast-n-easy meal I save for rushed weeknights:  Quick Chicken Burrito with Chipotle Crema.

The fridge usually determines what’s inside the burritos, and the Chipotle Crema can be whipped up in a matter of minutes!


Drenching the burritos with creamy chipotle sauce

This is a simple breakfast burrito combo made all the better by a quick homemade Salsa.  It’s a 3 ingredient Salsa — tomatillos, chipotles, garlic — and it’s delicious!


It would be easy to give all the credit to the chorizo in these epic breakfast burritos. But it's the tomatillo salsa that really amps them up. So good! mexicanplease.com


If you prefer your burritos to be served wet then consider dousing them in this Creamy Poblano Sauce — it’s loaded with that rich, roasted Poblano flavor.  I used chicken for this batch but you could easily turn this into a vegetarian meal. 


Think of this as the ultimate comfort food. A chicken guacamole burrito swimming in a creamy, goopy poblano sauce with otherworldly flavor. Don't forget to roast the poblano peppers. So good! mexicanplease.com


Okay, I hope you have some new ideas for your Burrito masterpieces!  Let me know if you have questions about any of these recipes. 





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