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Karwar NKGSB Style Bharli Vangi Recipe – Brinjal Curry is what stuffed brinjals vegetable is called in Konkani language and in Hindi it’s called Bharwa Baingan. Vangi or Brinjals are of different types like the small black ones, or the surati vangi, or white vangi or the ones I have used here i.e. Kateri Vangi. The Kateri vangi are a little big in size with a slightly purplish colour like stripes and are sweet in taste. These are generally used to make the Bharli Vangi.

Brinjals are called the King of vegetables. High on nutrients, this vegetable has many health benefits and hence must be included in one’s diet. Although many people don’t like brinjals, but if cooked differently with a delicious masala filling, they will surely love it.

With Karwar’s proximity to the sea, there is an abundance of coconuts in this area. The NKGSB cuisine of Karwar uses lot of coconuts in their cooking. This is complemented by the use of jaggery. Bharli Vangi too is a coconut based vegetable. As potatoes go very well with this vegetable, we have used a few in this recipe as well. Instead of the regular potatoes, baby potatoes too can be stuffed and used in this vegetable.

Serve Karwar NKGSB Style Bharli Vangi Recipe – Brinjal Curry along with Vali Bhaji Ambat and Steamed Rice for a weekday meal with your family.

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