Best Places to Eat in Bangkok According to Locals (2024)

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13. Kungthong Seafood กุ้งทอง – A Thai Seafood Experience

This recommendation comes from my cousin Art (not to be confused with my brother Art), a man who appreciates all the fine things in life, including fine food. So when he says this is his favorite seafood place, it becomes mine also even though I haven’t been there, lol!

There are a few food experiences I think you should not miss when in Thailand, and barring any allergies, seafood is one of them. Thai people do seafood SO INCREDIBLY WELL I have yet come across another cuisine that does it better (not at all biased of course).

Being a country with very long coastlines, we take seafood very seriously. So much so that we have thousands of restaurants dedicated to nothing BUT seafood. Entire menus with hundreds of items made with fish, shrimp, crab, and all manners of bivalves, cooked in every way imaginable: soups, salads, curries, stir fries, deep fried, steamed, you name it. It is mind boggling.

I’ll throw another one in that my family often goes to, Laem Charoen Seafood which has many locations in Bangkok. Wherever you go, do make sure you go to at least one seafood restaurant in Thailand!

Kungthong Seafood Google Maps Location


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