Bashu Spring — Pet-friendly Chongqing hotpot in JB from RM8.80, open till 3am

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The city is getting more exciting as the night goes on! When I stumbled upon Bashu Spring at Eco Palladium recently, I was under the impression that it was another hotpot eatery. But guess what? It’s more than just a usual steamboat restaurant; here, you can enjoy delicious Chongqing hotpot with your furry friends until as late as 3am!


Thanks to the emergence of new eateries, Eco Palladium is no longer a ghost town at night. Nestled on the second floor of Block B, Bashu Spring serves authentic Chongqing hotpot at an affordable price with plenty of choices. Let us take a look at their delectable offerings.

Bashu Spring - Hot pot

Inspired by the local culture and customs of Sichuan, Bashu Spring aims to introduce authentic Sichuan flavour to patrons in JB with their unique seasonings. They have a total of 6 soup bases to choose from. The one highlighted in the menu is Mala Soup (RM48), a rich broth slow-boiled for over 6 hours.

The eatery also offers solo hotpot which you don’t typically find in a China-style steamboat restaurant. At just RM8.80, you can enjoy soup bases in flavours like tomato, mushroom, pork bone, mala milk, and more— super affordable!

Bashu Spring - Beef tripe

Other than the usual hotpot ingredients like Australian Ribeye Steak (RM36) and Pork Neck Slices (RM20), they offer a variety of innards such as Duck Intestine (RM20), Spicy Chicken Kidneys (RM18), Pig Brain (RM10), and more options that you may have not considered.

Bashu Spring has also created 3 private rooms for guests to bring their furry companions while indulging in delectable steamboat meals. Most importantly, there is no minimum spend required to enjoy this facility! I’m low key yearning for hotpot right now.

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Bashu Spring

B-02-16, Eco Palladium, Jalan Ekoflora 7/1, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia 81100

Bashu Spring

B-02-16, Eco Palladium, Jalan Ekoflora 7/1, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia 81100

Telephone: +6011 6081 8680

Operating Hours: 12pm – 3am (Daily)


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