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Easter falls in my favourite season of the year and I love all the delicious food that goes with that. We transition out of summer into cooler days with beautiful light and auburn colours everywhere. Here is a round-up of my favourite recipes to make around Easter.

Baking at Easter is always a good idea and I have you covered with these stout hot cross buns which are way easier to make than you might think and so much better than anything you will find in a shop. This is one of my all-time favourite recipes on my website.

For extra convenience, I have also made these into a loaf which is easier to slice and toast vs the buns. To make everyone happy the recipe can be made into a loaf and 8 hot cross buns. They have been baked so many times by friends of the blog and the feedback has been amazing.

Stout hot cross bun bread recipe

These chunky New York chocolate chip cookies with Easter eggs are the perfect chocolate-baked treat.

Chunky New York bakery-style chocolate chip Easter cookies

The hot cross cinnamon sticky buns or biscotti with hot cross bun flavours are another two delicious options.

Hot cross cinnamon sticky buns

If you are having an indulgent Easter feast, I think it’s nice to keep the starter quite casual and rather have people nibble on a few light snacks to liven up the appetite. My best-ever chicken liver pate – another classic from the blog, is what I like. Perhaps on some Melba toast. A drop of marmalade gives it a sweet edge.

The best ever chicken liver pate

Or these tomato & basil crostini with whipped goat’s cheese. Both can be made in advance.

Tomato & basil crostini with whipped goats cheese

I always love my best-whipped feta with roasted tomatoes and basil. This is so easy to assemble and a real crowd-pleaser.

A plate of whipped feta with roasted tomatoes and garlic and toasted ciabatta

For the main event, nothing beats a roast lamb and I love this slow-roasted version with rosemary, garlic and harissa. It cooks itself leaving you plenty of time to do other things.

A recipe for slow-roasted shoulder of lamb with harissa & garlic

I think my Greek lamb moussaka with aubergines is another lovely Easter lamb dish. Perfect to make in advance and serve with a few sides.

A close up of a Classic Greek lamb Moussaka with eggplants recipe

For a stylish dinner party dish, a herb-crusted rack of lamb is a winner.

Herb crusted rack of lamb recipe

If you don’t like lamb, this comforting roast chicken with stout, rosemary & honey is a lovely option and both should be served with duck fat roast potatoes.

Roast chicken with stout & rosemary
How to make hte best ever duck fat roast potatoes

My favourite Chicken with white wine, herbs & garlic is a winner.

Cut up pieces of the best roast chicken with wine, herbs and garlic

You can’t go wrong with a classic beef, Bourguignon, or my lamb shank pie with red wine, rosemary & bay is a showstopper.

Beef Bourguignon recipe
Lamb shank pie with red wine, rosemary & bay recipe

Whilst we are on pies, my classic beef and mushroom pie is another option and so comforting.

Beef & mushroom pie recipe

You can check out this comprehensive list of vegetable side dishes if you need any more inspiration.

If you are looking for the best chocolate dessert for your Easter Feast, look no further than my utterly decadent and delicious chocolate malva pudding.

The best chocolate malva pudding recipe with hot chocolate fudge sauce

For dessert, I love this hot cross bun pudding with chocolate and orange, but the pink swirl meringues with pomegranate syrup are a show-stopper, as are my rose meringues with pistachios.

I also love the plum torte because it’s in my top 5 favourite things to bake and plums are in season now. This sticky toffee pudding with figs is a real winner and perfect to feed a crowd.

Sticky toffee, fig & walnut pudding with toffee sauce recipe
Hot cross bun pudding with orange & chocolate
Pink swirl meringues with pomegranate
The famous plum torte

I hope you have the happiest Easter break and get around to making some delicious food. If you ever make any of my recipes, please tag me @drizzleanddip on social media because nothing makes me happier than seeing what you do. 

A few other recipes ideas:

Mushroom bourguignon – for a vegetarian easter feast

Hot cross bun french toast waffles – to use up the leftover buns for breakfast

And if you feel the need for more chocolate, which I can only assume you do, try these killer chocolate brownies with Nutella.

Chocolate brownies with Nutella

The best chocolate cake in the world by Ina Garten.

Maybe the best chocolate cake recipe in the world by Ina Garten

Chocolate fondant with Lindor balls.

Chocolate fondant with Lindt Lindor

Double chocolate chip skillet cookie.

Double chocolate chip skillet cookie

Brown butter Rice Krispies treats with chocolate

A slab of cut up brown butter rice krispies treats with chocolate

Decadent rum & raisin fudgy brownies

Rum & raisin fudgy brownies recipe

A decadent chocolate cake

A decadent chocolate cake recipe





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