8 Food52-Favorite Tacos for Your Next Tacos & Margaritas Night

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Tacos can turn any meal into an event. Portable and fun to assemble, they’re an easy choice whether you’re hosting a few friends or a house party, especially when paired with the ideal taco-adjacent drink: margaritas. The tacos we’ve gathered here are Food52 favorites, and many take a detour from your typical taco fare (hello roasted radishes, you’re new!). No matter which direction your taco night is headed, Cayman Jack offers four refreshing margarita flavors—classic, mango, watermelon, and strawberry—that will complement any style of taco and level of heat. Use this list to inspire a more creative taco night—you’ll have a hard time picking just one recipe to add to the menu.

Mahi Mahi & Avocado Tacos

Seared mahi mahi is topped with sweet mango-cilantro salsa, crunchy red onion, and spicy-tangy mayo—a combo that’s tailor-made for warm spring and summer nights.

Anita Lo’s Roasted and Pickled Radish Tacos

Designed for just one but easily multiplied for a crowd, these radish tacos from Chef Anita Lo will make you rethink the lowly radish’s place on your plate. Though typically served as a garnish, they become the star of the show, with a quick pickle and roast (in the toaster oven no less!).

Chipotle Braised Lamb Tacos

To make this lamb tender with just a bit of heat, it’s braised in a chipotle-seasoned broth blended with rich red chiles. Chopped olives and balsamic-soaked raisins, another unexpected pairing, adds a boost of umami.

Bahn Mi Soft Tacos

Packed with cilantro, crunchy pickled carrots and radishes, these tacos fuse the flavors of Vietnamese banh mi with teriyaki chicken, in tortilla form.

Slow-Cooked Pork Tacos

Inspired by a chili con carne recipe, these pork tacos treat a pork shoulder to a similar amount of braising time to build flavor, then brighten things up with a burst of pickled onions.

Birria de Res Tacos

This recipe asks you to make not one, but two homemade salsas, plus a marinade. But aren’t the most flavorful birria de res tacos worth it?

Jalapeño-Marinated Chicken Tacos

Marinated, roasted chicken thighs are served in a flour tortilla warmed in its juices, a genius trick that’s followed by another bold move—a spicy watermelon salsa to spoon on top.

Tacos Gobernador

These buttery shrimp tacos, sauteed with onion, poblano and Serrano chiles, then tucked into toasted flour tortillas with melted cheese, veer into quesadilla territory in the best possible way.

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