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Teeny Tiny Pies

 Print This Post Did you forget tomorrow was National Pie Day? How could you! NPD ought to be a national holiday. We should all get the day off work, stores should have big sales, and of course, all of us should have pie for dessert. Well, I think we ought to have pie for dessert every… … Continue readingTeeny Tiny Pies

Gooseberry & custard pies

Ingredients6 sheets filo pastry50g butter , melted2 tbsp golden caster sugarvanilla ice cream , to serve (optional)For the gooseberry compote200g golden caster sugar1 vanilla pod , split and seeds scraped out500g gooseberries , topped and tailedFor the custard300ml double cream300ml full-fat milk2 vanilla pods , split and seeds scraped out4 large egg yolks50g golden caster… … Continue readingGooseberry & custard pies