Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

What would you say about roast garlic potatoes you scooped out of the bowl and ate with your finger, even before dinner started? Hey, when it’s just you and your spouse, there’s no problem eating them that way. Sounds like we liked them, huh?!

And then, because life sometimes steps in, our dinner plans changed, and the chicken and mashed potatoes we were supposed to have for dinner that night had to be put off till the next night, and both of those dishes went into the refrigerator.

We ended up reheating some leftover cornmeal-crust pizza for dinner, but because we couldn’t stop thinking about those darn mashed potatoes, we had a bowl of the mashed potatoes with the pizza. The potatoes didn’t necessarily go with the pizza, but we sure wanted to have more of them. Sounds like they’re a winner, wouldn’t you say?


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