Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

We were very much looking forward to this cheesy mashed potato recipe, I mean, who doesn’t like smoky, cheesy potatoes?

The first time I made this for us it was so close to being what we were hoping for. It is a simple recipe to make but I feel the smoked Gouda I chose let us down. The potatoes were light and fluffy and I used a locally made lightly smoked Gouda.

The potatoes were lovely and creamy but the smoke flavour on the cheese was very light and didn’t come through in the potatoes. The scallions added a freshness to the dish.

I made this a second time with a commercially smoked Gouda. This time the smoky flavour came through much better.

TESTER TIP: I would definitely recommend this dish, but make sure you use a Gouda cheese that is well-smoked. You should be able to smell the smoke lightly through the package.


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