Banana Bread with Pudding Mix

We are a family that loves cooking, eating, and critiquing! So, when I made this banana bread with pudding mix late one Sunday afternoon and each member of the family, having tasted it at separate times, individually remarked: this is the best banana bread I ever had! I knew this recipe was a winner.

A Bundt cake of banana bread with several slices cut from it.A Bundt cake of banana bread with several slices cut from it.

Was it because of the moistness throughout every bite from the 6 very ripe bananas, or the subtle hint of real coconut (not the typical overly sweetened kind) or the intermittent surprise of a rich dark chocolate bite? We’re not sure, but suffice it to say the combination really works.

I followed the recipe exactly, but once the batter was poured in the pan, I sprinkled chopped walnuts on top of the batter across 1/4 of the pan. (I couldn’t resist – I LOVE nuts in my banana bread). I tasted a slice without and with the nuts. While both were equally scrumptious, I did like the extra texture of the nuts.

Chrissy Teigen’s banana bread recipe was so good that I now have no fear buying a really large bunch of bananas because I can’t wait for them to get really ripe so I can make this again!


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