Blueberry Lemon Scones

The horror! To think I wouldn’t eat blueberries as a child. Had that aversion continued, I would have missed out on these wonderful, tender, flaky blueberry lemon scones. (This may be the best recipe I have tested yet.) The blueberry lemon scones themselves have a pillowy texture that contrasts with the crisp edges; the sweet and lemony hints give way to blueberry. The glaze is nice, especially if these are a teatime treat, but I sprinkled my scones with demerara sugar before baking and that was really all they needed as a breakfast scone.

While I use a similar folding technique for pie crusts, I haven’t seen it used for scones before and it did make a big difference in the texture and flakiness. I put the dough on a silicone mat (parchment would also work) which helped with the folding. I baked four of the scones and froze the other four, which also worked beautifully.


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