Quick Baked Fish with Bread Crumbs and Herbs

The first line of the author’s description of this recipe for quick baked fish with bread crumbs and herbs really sums it up, “There’s so much versatility with this easy recipe.”

Because of its versatility, it is nearly impossible not to have one or more of the suggested ingredients in your pantry. You can pick your own type of fish, your own fresh soft herbs (even if they are wilted!), a mustard and breadcrumbs, blitzed crackers or potato chips for your crumb topping. Yikes, my head was spinning, in a good way!

I used fresh cod (about 1.5 inches in thickness), a leftover mixture of fresh minced parsley, and garlic and EVOO from a previous recipe, plain panko breadcrumbs and a spicy brown mustard. This combination produced a real winner!

The fish was so moist, flaky, and packed with just the right amount of flavor. Each element of the herb/lemon crumbs, spicy brown mustard and finishing EVOO drizzle at the end came through. They all complemented the sweet, mild flavor of the cod and none overpowered it.

I love fish and am already contemplating my next combo. Thinking maybe salmon, fresh dill, blitzed salt and vinegar potato chips or dill pickle potato chips and, while I am grabbing ingredients, maybe that polish mustard sauce I just bought with horseradish and honey.


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