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Swiss chard pakora fritters

Swiss Chard Fritters

Green leafies make amazing pakoras, and some of you are likely familiar with methi pakoras, made with fenugreek leaves, and spinach pakoras. These Swiss chard pakoras are just as delicious and they are a great way to make use of a seasonal vegetable that’s packed with nutrients.
I love Swiss chard as a gardener, a cook and a mom. It is one of the easiest leafies to grow and it is so easy to cook. Its mild flavor makes it easy to get past finicky palates. I throw it into dals, curries, sabzis and it cooks down in barely any time at all. But these fritters are easily my favorite way to eat and feed chard to my family. What’s not to love about spicy, golden deliciousness?
The fritters are also so easy to make. Chop the chard, toss it with a few spices, chickpea flour (besan) and rice flour, and fry them up. You can also make these with less oil or air-fry them. They are great every way!
This recipe makes a ton of fritters, so if you are cooking for a smaller family or just for yourself, use the servings slider in the recipe card to scale down the recipe.


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