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Coconut Cheesecake with Passion Fruit Glaze

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  • Warning: friends and family will request this cheesecake for every occasion! Thankfully, I have a passion fruit vine going crazy in my backyard.

  • yum!!

  • i followed the recipe exactly, and this cheesecake turned out to be one of the most delicious things i have ever baked. it was a hit. super creamy, absolutely beautiful, and the entire family LOVED it. the only changes i will be employing in the future are (1) cutting the sugar out of the cheese mixture as there was plenty of sweetness in the coconut cream and, (2) adding more gelatin to the glaze (as my glaze only semisolidified once poured onto the cake)

  • WINNER! I’ve been making cheesecakes for over 25 years and this recipe and cooking method (lower temp) yields the creamiest cheesecake I’ve ever made. Utterly delicious whether you use the glaze or not. My personal variation: I could only find 5 passion fruits, and they only yielded 1/4 cup of juice, so I cooked down some guavas and added the pulp (strained through cheesecloth) to make 1/2 cup. I also added 1/2 teaspoon coconut extract to bolster the subtle flavor of coconut cream. To ensure an extra creamy texture, I didn’t leave it in the oven after shutting it off – I pulled it out immediately after baking. It was super creamy and soft. The glaze makes it stunningly beautiful.

  • This really is delicious. I also added coconut extract to both the crust and the filling (1/2 tsp and 1 tsp respectively), and used the frozen passion fruit.

  • This cheesecake is very good and easy. For the filling, I used mixer rather than processor. 9″ springform pan works fine, but sit on foil when baking. Agree with others that at $3 x10, fresh passionfruit is a bit expensive for he topping. As substitute, I used 2 passionfruit, frozen mango puree, and passionfruit juice. It worked perfect. I used 1 passionfruit in the mixed fruit, which I also doubled.

  • This was absolutely the best cheesecake I have ever made! Added a little coconut extract to both the crust and the filling to bring out the coconut flavor. I couldn’t find passion fruit in the winter, so I bought some passion fruit juice in the Goya section of the grocery store and thickened it up with the gelatin. It looked beautiful and tasted heavenly.

  • Not rating as I haven’t made yet. If you are looking for passion fruit purée, you can get it at large liquor stores, frozen in a quart container. We use it for a passion fruit salad dressing ( on this site- fabulous!)

  • This is a truly amazing dessert!
    After reading the reviews, I added
    1/2 tsp coconut extract to the
    filling. I also made extra topping-
    1 tbsp water, 1/2 tsp gelatin, 3/4
    cups passion fruit puree, and 4
    tbsp. sugar, let set 4-6 hours.
    Made the crust two days ahead (wrap
    after cooling), filling one day
    ahead, glaze the morning of my
    dinner party. I almost swooned when
    I tasted it, as did all my guests!
    One of THE best desserts of all
    time!!! AloHA!

  • Ever make a recipe that’s so delicious that you’re sure it will be at every holiday table from there on out? That was this recipe for me! Everyone agreed that it was the best cheesecake they had ever eaten. No joke! That’s the good news! The bad news is that i’m too poor to afford real passionfruit… and I don’t have the time to go searching for them. So, i kinda tweaked the recipe and cheated.
    a. Due to the reviews on the cheesecake not being coconutty enough, i used frozen shredded coconut. (much fresher and more coconut flavor) One bag of frozen coconut gave me about 1 1/2 cups of coconut, so i added the dried stuff to it to meet my 2 cups recommended. since frozen is not as sweetened as dried coconut, i increased the sugar on the crust to 1/2 cup. I was also confused by the graham crackers (definition of “whole graham crackers”? Like the entire sheet or each individual perforation?!) so I used one full sleeve of cookies (1/3 of the box). I baked it 16 minutes.
    b. I added 1 tsp of coconut extract to ensure the cheesecake tasted coconutty too.
    c. Here’s where the true cheating starts. I didn’t have time or $ to hunt down passionfruit. So, I bought a jar of Mrs. Miller’s Passionfruit jelly. (usually at amish stores) i threw the whole jar into a food processor and added Monin’s Passionfruit syrup for added taste and thinned consistency. I poured it over a cooled cheesecake. Drizzled it with white chocolate and refrigerated overnight.
    YUM. That’s all I can say… YUM!

  • Wonderful, silky cheesecake! I
    changed a few things up: I used
    ginger snaps instead of graham
    crackers and seeing that everyone
    had a hard time finding passion
    fruit this time of year, I used goya
    passion fruit nectar instead. Then,
    instead of the compote, I made the
    frozen banana bites and placed them
    around the bottom and top edges of
    the cheesecake. People loved the
    bites and the look! Still a
    tropical feel and very, very easy.

  • Crazy good. We used frozen passion fruit with no problem. Much easier. Next time, I think I will use a water bath to prevent cracking on the top. The texture of the cake is lighter than some cheesecakes. It is very rich. Small piece goes a long way. It is great for a crowd.

  • I made this following the crust and
    filling recipe to the letter, but
    used chocolate ganache for the
    topping instead. I was going for a
    Mounds bar flavor and it turned out
    pretty well. The filling, although
    very creamy and nice, really had no
    flavor of
    coconut at all, I could only taste
    it in the crust. I used the Goya
    brand of creme of coconut, not sure
    if that had anything to do with it,
    maybe next time I will try Coco
    Lopez. One thing that annoyed me was
    how much filling I had leftover. I
    used a standard 9″ springform pan
    and still had alot left. Not a big
    deal, but it’s wasteful and I’m just
    not sure why a 10″ pan wasn’t
    recommended. This did bake up
    perfectly though, I’ve probably
    never made a more beautiful
    cheesecake, not a crack in sight. So
    overall a very nice creamy
    cheesecake, but if you’re really
    going for a strong coconut flavor, I
    would add some extract.

  • I live in Hawaii so we have plenty of fresh passion fruit this time of year. It was a nice complement to the coconut. I had to use more gelatin to get it to set though. This is the first time I cooked a cheescake using this baking method and it’s the first time I didn’t have huge cracks in my cheescake. I’ll cook all my cheesecakes like this from now on.

  • I found fresh passion fruit at
    Central Market. However, they were
    $2.99 EACH! Given that you needed 10
    for the recipe I decided to use
    frozen passion fruit puree instead
    which I found in the frozen fruit
    section. It worked like a charm. It
    also cut down on prep time
    considerably. The
    brand was The Perfect Puree of Napa
    I made the compote about an hour
    before I served the cheesecake and
    together it was divine! It was a wonderful
    alternative to the usual chocolate

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