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Refreshing Chrysanthemum and Chinese Herb Drink

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Author Notes

This is another of my mom’s recipe for a refreshing and healthy drink that could be served chilled or hot. I will have to search and find the species name for the Chinese grass, but in Cantonese, it is pronounced “gum ngun fa.” —thedarcsage

  • Serves

  • 1 bunch

    chrysanthemum flowers – 2 or 3 whole flowers

  • 1

    special Chinese herb grass

  • 1 liter


  1. Boil water. You can make it more or less dilute.
  2. Add the ingredients and boil for 15 minutes max. It is really a small bunch of chrysanthemum flowers – not much.
  3. Pour into individual cups.
  4. Alternatively, just boil some crysanthemum and add honey to taste for a simple, healthy refreshment on a hot day!

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