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Stuffed tomatoes with lamb mince, dill & rice

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Place 1 large
aubergine on a
baking tray, then
roast for 30 mins
at 200C/180C fan/
gas 6, until tender.
Once cool enough
to handle, peel
and dice the flesh.
Follow recipe
as above, folding
the chopped
aubergine into the
lamb mix. Spoon a
little ready-made
béchamel sauce
over each tomato
before putting the
lids on, then bake.


These improve
in flavour if you cook them the day before
you want to serve. Add a drop of water and
cover with foil when reheating, or simply
serve at room temperature. You can vary
the filling by adding feta or broad beans, or
even omit the meat entirely and replace
chicken for vegetable stock for a great
veggie meal.

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