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Mozzarella-Stuffed Turkey Burgers

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These burgers were awesome. So easy to make. They stayed really juicy. I actually put these in wraps to eat. It helped keep the cheese in. Pros: All of the items needed to make this were things I always have in the cupboards Cons: The burgers get really thin and the cheese will sometime melt out. I just make the thicker now and

Amazing!! The whole family loved this meal!! Pros: Great natural flavors!! Cons: Needed to make more Marinara Sauce

Well-Made Turkey Burgers Having never made nor enjoyed marinara sauce this recipe was delicious. I made this for 5 people on Mother’s Day and it was a hit! My finace couldn’t stop talking about it the next day and told me it was his new favorite. We even plan on making a bunch to freeze for the week. I wasn’t able to use focaccia as the store didn’t have any but any type of pita bread will do & instead of using plum tomatoes I used whatever the grocery store had in stock. I did 1.5 of everything in the recipe and it made 6 burgers. At first I expected the mozzarella to come out during cooking but it didn’t. Will definitely be a new recipe of mine!! Pros: Delicious

Easy and Yummy My fiance and I just loved these burgers! I am just a novice cook and found the recipe easy(although I did use store bought marinara). These were the best turkey burgers we have ever had ANYWHERE!!! I served it with an arugula salad which complimented the burgers nicely. This one is definitely staying on our list of go to recipes! Pros: Easy to make can substitute store made marinara Cons: none

Good but Picture is not a portion size! This was good and I made the sauce like it said and will definitely have again but the picture sure makes this look bigger than what you actually get. When you divide the pound up into 4 burgers and put in the small amount of moz cheese it definitely does NOT look like the picture.

Yummy! This was very tasty and quick. Would like to figure out a way to prevent the cheese from melting out though. Pros: Good taste quick to make Cons: Cheese leaks out of burgers while cooking

Pretty Much a Letdown After reading all the reviews I was really disappointed by this relatively bland dinner. More like a Salisbury-style turkey Parmesan than a burger it needs a LOT of kick and the calories are likely much higher than the nutrition info suggests (do the math individually and see). I’m not a fast chef but it took FOREVER to make and took much longer than expected to reach a safe temperature without burning. We won’t make this one again. Pros: Relatively healthy Cons: Lots of work; too much effort for the result

This was absolutely DELICIOUS! It’s definitely on our favorites list Cons: A little time consuming – but well worth it!!

This took over an hour to prepare and nobody in my family liked it. I have had good experiences with these recipes but I would not make this again.

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